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Sponsor a Penguin - support the Hutton’s Shearwater Charitable Trust

Kaikōura Kayaks is proud to support K.O.R.I and The Huttons Shearwater Charitable Trust.

The Kaikōura Ocean Research Institute (KORI) would like to acknowledge the support shown by Kaikōura Kayaks in the form of sponsorship of two little blue penguin chicks, Rainbow and Kahurangi.

The sponsorship went towards environmental and conservation education programmes.

Kaikōura Kayak staff also participated in a Penguin Education and Awareness Programme which gave the staff up to date information regarding the local penguin population, biology and conservation.

This allowed them to pass on our environmental message to their customers.

Kaikōura Kayaks have also offered support to improve the habitat of the penguin colony by providing manpower to assist in landscaping, planting native vegetation and to build nest boxes.

This offer is greatly appreciated and one we will gratefully accept.

We appreciate the support for the little blue penguin population in Kaikōura , and hope that we can ensure you continue seeing them out on your kayak tours for many years to come.

Alastair Judkins Operations Manager Kaikoura Ocean Research Institute (KORI)

Would you like to be involved? Please visit www.kori.org.nz/#!projects

Also -http://www.huttonsshearwater.org.nz/how-you-can-help/

Kaikōura 'sLittle Blue Penguins Kaikoura?s Penguin Education and Awareness Program (PEAP) aims to give locals and visitors a peap into the lives of the little penguins living in Kaikōura.

The PEAPs are offered during the day for local school groups and in evenings for visitor groups.

They include a slideshow presentation about penguins generally, and little penguins specifically, in the Coastguard building in South Bay.

The group is then invited into the special penguin viewing area below the Coastguard building.

Depending on the timing of your visit, you may see penguins coming in for the night, penguins that are moulting or penguin nesting boxes with eggs or chicks.

The PEAP is a team effort between Kaikōura Coastguard and KORI and is possible thanks to the long-term monitoring of the population started by Lindsay Rowe.


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