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Dusky Dolphin launches in front of kayakers on a tour with Kaikoura Kayaks NZ

Wondering what to do in Kaikoura on your holiday?

Kaikoura is the marine mammal viewing centre of New Zealand offering many exciting sea life attractions along the coastline and the peninsula.

So if you’ve always wanted to paddle out on a kayak and mix it with the fur seals we’ll guarantee it! You’ll also have a really good chance of paddling along beside some Dusky & Hectors dolphins or spot some Blue Penguins diving off the rocks.

The Kaikoura Peninsula lies south of the main township and creates unique currents that draw in marine life from a trench deep in the Pacific Ocean.

Sperm Whales reside here year-round, in fact sightings are so frequent that Whale Watch Kaikoura will provide a refund in the unlikely event of not spotting one.

Humpback, Orca, Pilot, and Blue Whales can sometimes be seen migrating also on our kayaking tours and often you’ll see pods of dusky dolphins in their hundreds!

There is no other place quite like Kaikoura, it’s an aquatic playground like no other.

Come and discover the unique maritime wonders of this water wonderland while holidaying in Kaikoura New Zealand!

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