Covid - 19 Level 2

To celebrate coming out of lockdown, we have offered a block Sea Kayaking Skills course to encourage more locals to brush up and improve their technique to become a confident able paddler in a variety of sea conditions.

Welcome to our new Sea Kayking Skills Course 


Course outline:

4 x sessions 23rd & 30th May and 6th & 13th June 2020
Saturday mornings from 8:30am - 11:30am all based around the Peninsula.

Designed to cover the skills required to become a confident paddler in a variety of sea conditions.
Become familiar with setting up your kayak and how to paddle effectively while enjoying Kaikoura’s wildlife and majestic views.

Topics covered below…….
-Clothing and equipment
-Beach launching and landing
-Kayak handling and how to paddle effectively
-Paddle strokes including power, sweep, draw, stern rudder and low brace.
-Edging or railing your kayak to gain better control
-Safety at sea
-Weather interpretation
-Paddling in wind and swells
-How to rescue yourself or someone else in the event of a capsize.
-Simple tow systems

Develop your kayaking skills and enjoy a whole range of sea conditions and marine life amongst this amazing weather we are having at the moment.


The perfect course to cover skills needed in Adventure Racing, Multi Sport advents or recreational Sea Kayaking.


Session 1: 

Trip planning, Paddle skills, clothing, weather forecasting, kayak anatomy, launching & landing, open sea paddling, rafting up and setting up your kayak to paddle all checked off!

Session 2: 

Capsize recovery, self and assisted rescues plus introducing the low brace stoke to help stay upright in adverse sea conditions.


Posted by Matt and Kim Foy on June 25, 2020

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